DesignWhine is an indie digital magazine covering stories, interviews, essays and issues from the UI/UX design fraternity.

It is not so much about the technical side of UI/UX as much as it is about the people of the industry.

Latest Issue

What’s inside the latest issue

In search of an elder-friendly world

Sergiy Mekro takes us on a ride where we learn tips on designing truly inclusive digital experiences with empathy for senior citizens

Amazing Grace, how sweet the achievements

A candid interview with the very talented Grace Ling where she spills the beans about her childhood, her journey through high school till Design Buddies

Sharing your workspace with kids

Onsi Kahlaoui shows us his design desk space which he shares with his loving kids who use it to study


What’s the story behind the name DesignWhine?

A whine among wolves indicates friendly interaction and a call for an assembly of the wolf pack.

Humans also whine and complain when they’re frustrated or dissatisfied with anything which is how we felt on the lack of ‘togetherness’ within the design fraternity.

‘Whine’ also rhymes with ‘Design’. There, we said it!

Who is behind this and where are you located?

The core team of DesignWhine has two people –

Rajat Agarwal , Founder and Editor-in-chief
Barkha Sharma , Community Manager

We also employ a few freelancers who work on various aspects of the magazine and website.

All of us work 100% remotely, we have no ‘headquarters’.

Can we download magazine issues as PDF or EPUB?

Not really.

DesignWhine is meant to be read online where it emulates the interactions of a physical magazine.

This is because one of the intents behind starting DesignWhine was to re-invent the retro feeling of reading a physical magazine like we all have grown up reading.

Can DesignWhine be read on mobile devices?


Only, on smaller devices the magazine renders one page at a time as opposed to two pages for larger devices.

Who sponsors you?

Well, nobody.

We’ve bootstrapped our way to launch and maintain DesignWhine. It is an independent venture that was born and continues to grow in moonlight after office hours.

However, we do accept occasional advertisements and sponsorships to pay for our production and server expenses.

If you’re interested in sponsoring please write to us – hello[at]designwhine[dot]com.

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