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DesignWhine is an independent digital magazine that covers news, personal stories, essays, interviews and events from the design community.

We believe every designer has a story of struggle, hope, and success that needs to be heard and celebrated.

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What’s inside the seventh issue

Exclusive Interview with ADPList Founders

Exclusive and candid interview with ADPList.org founders Felix Lee and James Baduor where they talk about democratization of mentorship for all

One Heart Treaty: An App To Avoid Wars

From Design Fiction, Damien Lutz shares a concept of an app that world leaders can use to sync their hearts and avoid conflicts and wars

A Responsible Son, An Ethical Designer

Largely self-taught, Charchit Garg shares his story of selling sandwiches on the streets to becoming a UX designer eventually

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What’s the story behind the name DesignWhine?

A whine among wolves indicates friendly interaction and a call for an assembly of the wolf pack.

Humans also whine and complain when they’re frustrated or dissatisfied with anything which is how we felt on the lack of ‘togetherness’ within the design fraternity.

‘Whine’ also rhymes with ‘Design’. There, we said it!

Who is behind this and where are you located?

The core team of DesignWhine has two people –

Rajat Agarwal , Founder and Editor-in-chief
Barkha Sharma , Co-Founder and Operations Manager

We also employ a few freelancers who work on various aspects of the magazine and website.

All of us work 100% remotely, we have no ‘headquarters’.

Can we download magazine issues as PDF or EPUB?

Not really.

DesignWhine is meant to be read online where it emulates the interactions of a physical magazine.

This is because one of the intents behind starting DesignWhine was to re-invent the retro feeling of reading a physical magazine like we all have grown up reading.

Can DesignWhine be read on mobile devices?


Only, on smaller devices the magazine renders one page at a time as opposed to two pages for larger devices.

Can we sponsor you?

If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming issues please write to us at hello[at]designwhine[dot]com for a sponsorship kit.

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